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From the President

Dear ESU-Columbus Members and Friends,

For 94 years the Columbus Branch of the English-Speaking Union has proudly carried the banner of Education, Scholarship and Understanding. Our mission, to foster greater understanding through a shared use of the English language, has benefitted literally thousands of Central Ohio youths by helping them to appreciate the richness and importance of language in successful citizenship.

During the 2017-2018 program year we will build on that success by our sponsorship of ESU's signature programs—the Middle School Debates, the High School Shakespeare Competition, and English-in-Action.

To pay for these programs we have organized an exciting calendar of entertaining and informative social and fundraising events that are highlighted in the this newsletter. These events not only help support the mission of ESU-Columbus, they also provide you and your guests  (potential members of all ages) with an enjoyable and stimulating way to learn, make new friends and become acquainted with the worthy mission of ESU.

Last year we enjoyed a significant increase in membership, but we are still way below what we need to assure the continued viability of the Columbus branch.

The 2017-18 program year offers an enormous opportunity to grow our membership. You can make a real difference in the future of ESU-Columbus by:

  • Promptly renewing your current membership,
  • Recruiting at least one new member, and
  • Volunteering your time and talent in support of our programs.

This year the board has voted to implement a new dues structure. Single membership is $50, $85 for a couples membership, to encourage younger people to join, we have a Young Professional category at $35.  To RENEW, simply go to and click on the JOIN/RENEW membership tab. You'll find out even more about the benefits of ESU. If computers aren't your cup of tea, complete the membership enclose renewal/join form. Whether you join at a regular level or Patron level, please be sure to designate the Columbus Branch for the maximum branch share of the fees.

Let's join together to grow ESU-Columbus! With thanks in advance to all for your generosity and enthusiastic participation in the 2017-2018 program year. 

Yours truly,
Mark Krausz, President


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