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April Event at The Lakewood Country Club

Our April Event at The Lakewood Country Club this last weekend was so well received by everyone that attended, that for those of you that missed it, you really did......miss it! Martha Tiller brought her own private and public photos from her time as Press Secretary to President LB Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson, along with special stories and insight to their ranch, parties and library.

A big "Thank You" to Betty Baskett for allowing us the use of the facilities at Lakewood Country Club. The hors d'oeuvres, steak and peach cobbler would have made LBJ very happy.

Leo brought Ms. Nancy Smith as a guest and she has a new book just out called Churchill on the Riviera. It's about Winston Churchill, Wendy Reves and Coco Chanel and the Villa La Pausa built by Coco Chanel and the times they all spent there together. Nancy has already received a positive review from the Virginia Gazette in Williamsburg Virginia and she is having a book signing at the Barnes and Noble on Preston and Royal,Sunday April 23rd from 1 to 4 pm, if any of you would like to attend.


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