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Celebrating Centennial Stories: An Evening of Storytelling


Join us this June 24th at 5pm EST in Celebrating Centennial Stories: An evening of Storytelling! During this special event we'll be sharing stories submitted to the 100 Years,100 Stories Project. 


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The 100 Years, 100 Stories project serves as a snapshot of the impact and achievements made by the ESU's members, volunteers, students, tutors, and anyone ever touched by ESU's programming over the past 100 years. The event will feature an exclusive performance by the Oxford Philharmonic, and spotlight the winners of the 'Outstanding Story' Award. We will also be joined by some very special guests, who will be speaking about their enriching relationship with the ESU. 

In conjunction with the event, we're also hosting an auction of Royal and ESU historical memorabilia.

Precious items, such as this framed handwritten letter from Winston Churchill are available.

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