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Claim your limited-edition commemorative Centennial silk scarf and pocket square

The charming silk twill scarf and pocket square feature a reproduction of a drawing by the acclaimed New York-based artist Tug Rice specially commissioned for the ESU Centennial Gala on October 21, 2020.

The illustration playfully references the ESU Gala honorees – The Princess Royal, surrounded by Dr. Quinn Peeper, Dr. Laurance Morse, Mrs. Elizabeth Scott, Mr. Donald Best, the late Mr. William Miller, Ms. Karen Karpowich and Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill - against the background the ESU library.

Only one hundred scarfs and pockets squares have been produced to commemorate the ESU Centennial Gala and are not available for purchase.

To claim a set of these unique gifts:

  • Make a donation of $1,000 or more to the ESU, or
  • Enter the Centennial Raffle for a chance to win one of five scarves and pocket squares.
  • For all our coloring fans enter the Centennial Coloring Contest: submit your own colored-in version of the image. The winner will receive a set of the limited edition scarf and square.  For instructions on how to participate and to download the blank image please scroll below.

100% silk twill
36" x 36"
12" x 12"

About the artist

Tug Rice is an actor, writer, and illustrator working in watercolor and ink as well as digitally. His illustrations recall the wit and sophistication of a more glamorous New York while remaining decidedly in the now. His work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Elle Decor, and Travel & Leisure, among others, and he has collaborated with an array of clients including Dior, Harry Winston, The Carlyle Hotel, and He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama.

Color in Page

A chance to win a set of the coveted limited-edition ESU Centennial Gala silk scarf and pocket square!


  1. Download and print the image
  2. Color in the blank design with your own version of the drawing.
  3. Scan/take a picture with your phone and email to or text it to 862.224.4244.

Please contact Rossana Ivanova with any questions:
Cell: 862-224-4244

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