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ESU of the Commonwealth Address

Tuesday, October 20
11:30 - 12:00 PM (EDT)
Jane Easton, Director General
Professor James Raven LittD FBA, Chair

Jane Easton is Director-General of the English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth working closely with the Chairman and the Board on the organization's strategy and governance, and acts as Secretary-General to the International Council of the ESU, seeking to maximize the number of people who benefit from the ESU's work. Ms. Easton's previous appointments have included Secretary General of the Royal Air Force Association, Diocesan Secretary of the Diocese of Leicester and faculty manager at University of Nottingham.

Professor James Raven LittD FBA FSA is the Chairman of the English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth. He is a Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and Professor of History at the University of Essex. As a writer, academic and broadcaster specializing in literary culture, an internationally recognized authority in the history of the book, and a past and present Fellow of two Cambridge and one Oxford colleges, Professor Raven has a longstanding involvement in promoting international educational, scholarship and partnership schemes and membership engagement.