The English-Speaking Union

News and Events

Sunday Breakout Sessions

3:00 - 3:50 PM (EDT)
Session 3: ESU National Shakespeare Competition and
ESU National Shakespeare Writing Program

Betty Trevino Roth, Senior Manager, School and Teacher Programs

Overview of the planned competition format for 2022, including how the ESU is dealing with COVID contingencies, the 2022 branch fee structure, and the proposed competition schedule for finals.

The ESU National Shakespeare Writing Program will be introduced. This new program creates opportunities for the ESU to connect with students who express themselves through creative and analytical writing rather than performance. The program provides an academically valuable experience to students, and pedagogically sound resources for our community of teachers. 

Rossana Ivanova, Development Consultant, will update the status of the centennial fundraising for the National Shakespeare Competition.

4:00 - 4:50 PM (EDT)
Session 4: LOCAL Programming: Speakers, Events,
Educational Initiatives

A collaborative session complete with ideas and thoughts of successful speakers and those scheduled for the coming year. What events and activities are our branches scheduling and still considering for the coming year? What educational initiatives have been utilized and how do branches judge their efficacy?

This is an opportunity to hear best practices and great ideas from branches across the country that may be considered for replication by other branches. Bring your ideas and thoughts and be prepared to listen and share in this sharing showcase.

Laura von der Heyde, Marketing and Communications Manager, will offer her thoughts on effective use of social media.