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Appraisal Submission

Please use the below form to submit an object for appraisal during Robin Sinclair's ESU Happy Hour on Wednesday, September 29th at 6:00 PM. 

I will do as many as I can in the time allotted. I tend to give more information than may be necessary, but I like to let people understand the principles of appraising an object.

I would like to know the size of the object, the material (as much as you know), any history of the object. It is always important to have a photo of the whole piece, and then to have photos of details, including any marks, the front and back of the piece, the underside of the piece. 

We appraisers really like to see the inside of drawers, and especially the backs of things. We love to see those details!

If you do not want to let it be known you own the object, just let me know, and I will call it "Owned by Anonymous."

Thanks and let's have fun with interesting objects. 

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