The English-Speaking Union


Branch Administration

Board-Managed Branch Operations Manual: This manual provides guidelines to help Branch officers and directors understand what their responsibilities are.  Please read it, as it has been updated and revised.

Evelyn Wrench Speaker Source List: This database provides information on former Evelyn Wrench speakers who have indicated availability to speak at Branches independently. 

BMOA Membership Renewal Billing Guidelines 2020 - 2021: This guide provides definition of membership dues, overview of the membership renewal billing guidelines for board managed Branches and renewal billing cycle key dates.

Branch Fundraising Manual:  This guide has been drafted by the ESU National Development Director.

On-Line Membership Roster Users Guide: The On-Line Membership Roster provides you with your Branch's current membership and gift information – invaluable data you will want to access as you hold events and thank members for their donations.  We hope you will become familiar with the roster in its two accessible formats, as it can be a great tool for you in doing mailings and yearbooks, etc.  The password-protected On-Line Membership Roster is extracted directly from the national database.

Website Update Form: Please contact headquarters for instructions on how to update your website.

New Membership Submission Form:  New Members should be listed on this form for submission to Headquarters so that they be added to the Branch's online membership roster.