The English-Speaking Union of the United


National Patron Appreciation

With appreciation and gratitude, The English-Speaking Union is proud to thank and acknowledge the following individuals whose support as members of the National Patron program in the current fiscal year (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017), as of October 31, 2016, (inclusive of National Board members) provides critically needed unrestricted operating support to advance the ESU and its work.

Mr. and Mrs. Herschel L. Abbott
Mrs. Patsy Baker
Mr. Matthew Barhydt
Mrs. A. James Barker
Ms. Sylvia Barnard
Ms. Elaine C. Barnes
Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill CBE KSt.J
Mrs. Elizabeth Bergan and Mr. Robert Laidlaw
Mr. Donald Best
Mrs. Tucker Blaine
Dr. Karen Blair-Brand
Mr. and Mrs. William Bliss
Mr. Bradley Bodager, Esq.
Mr. Paul T. Boghosian
Ms. Frances Alison Bok
Mr. Dale Edward Bond
Ms. Sandra Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. John G.B. Boyd
Ms. Alice Boyne
Ms. Virginia Brody
Ms. Elizabeth Brothers
Ms. Joy Daniels Brower
Mr. Peter Buffington
Dr. Brian Bush
Farrell and Pamela Bushing
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Buzzell, ASA FRSA
Mr. Gerald G. and Dr. Ann Cook Calhoun
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Carter
M. Christine Carty, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Caruth III
Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell Caskie
Mrs. Jackson L. Clagett III
Mrs. Betty Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. James Clegg
Mr. William C. Coe, Jr.
Mr. James J. Coleman, Jr.
Dr. Loveday Conquest
Ms. Polly W. Cox
Ms. Leslie P. Daisy
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Darlington, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel B. Day
Miss Barbara Deacon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeFer
Ms. Alta Devivo
Ms. Ruth V. Doreck
Mr. and Mrs. Prescott N. Dunbar
Mrs. Mary Suzanne Dunea
Mrs. Frances U. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Ekstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Paul Elard
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Elms
Ms. Susan A. Estabrook
Ms. Diana Evans
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Fadely
Mrs. Sallie Van Pelt Feild.
Ms. Susan Matheson Ferris
Ms. Catherine Fishbach
Mr. Peter Frey
Ms. Elizabeth Gemmill
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gentry
Ms. Susan Gibson
Mr. Robert Gienko, Jr.
Ms. Kimberly Gleeson
Mrs. Frederick H. Gohl, Sr.
Mrs. Gina Goldhammer
Dr. and Mrs. Albert C. Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Gordon, Jr.
Ms. Susan E. Thurston Grathwohl
Dr. William R. Griffith and Dr. Ann Barker Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. F. David Grissett
Mr. Robert H. Gunn
Mr. John Hammaker
Ms. Julia Hansen
Mr. William W. Harkins 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hartfiel
Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt R. Haskell
Mrs. Phyllis G. Heard
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Herrin
Ms. Trinidad Hidalgo
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Hill
Stephanie & George  Hillard
Ms. Karlee Hilliard
Ms. Kathleen M. Hitchcock
Dr. Christopher Hodgkins
Justice William E. Holdridge
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Horner
Mr. Kenneth Hubble
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Hunt, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Huss
Mr. J. Mack Huston
Mr. andn Mrs. Robert Andrew Jardine
Ms. Judy Jolly
Ms. Marjorie Turrell Julian
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kakos
Mrs. Gene S. Kasich
Ms. Marjorie Kennedy
Mrs. James P. Kiefer
Mrs. Barbara B. Kiffmeyer
Dr. and Mrs. Allen P. Killam
Ms. Judith King
Ms. Annette S. Kirby
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Klopstock
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kniffen III
Mr. Stephen C. Koch and Ms. Aslana Deleon
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Koenig
Mr. Paul Kuhn
Mrs. Alice La Prelle
Mrs. John Peter Labouisse III
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph M. LaGasse
Mr. James T. Lang, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon B. LeGrand
Ms. Anne Leners
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Lerch
Mrs. Gavin G. K. Letts
Ms. Yvonne R. Leveque
Mr. Mark Bennett Levine and Mr. John H. Keppeler
Mr. Clyde Littlefield
Ms. Carol Losos
Ms. Joan Clay Lowe
Ms. Helen Loyless
Mr. Henry S. Lynn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Niels P. Lyster
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Maddox
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Maddrey
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon B. Margolis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Martin
Mr. William B. Maschmeier
Dr. Thomas A. Mason and Ms. Christine H. Guyonneau
Ms. Gayla J. McCluskey and Dr. David Humphrey
Dr. Rene McEldowney
Mr. Donald S. McKenzie
Dr. and Mrs. Lamar McMillin
Dr. Christopher Medalis
Mrs. Anne C. Miller
Ms. Ann Meredith Miller
Ms. Donna Miller
Mr. William R. Miller CBE KSt.J
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mitchell
Mr. Edward Mohylowski
Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Moore
Ms. Patricia Ann Moore
Jean C. and Rex Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Clive Muncaster
Mr. James Munson
Ms. Lesly Murray and Mr. Steve Edds
Ms. Louise Muse
Cmdr. Susan Merritt Nelsen
Mr. and Mrs. Edman D. Norris
Mr. Gary Oaks
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O'Brien III
Ms. Dorinda Oliver
H. David O'Malie
Prof. Clarke O'Reilly, Jr.
Mrs. A. B. Orthwein
Mrs. Frank Padberg
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parsons
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Pattillo
Dr. E. Quinn Peeper
Mr. John A. Perry and Mr. John Sistarenik
Ms. Beverly Persky
Ms. Mary Alice Phelan
Mrs. Ingrid Philbrick
Ms. Frances S. Pignone
Mr. Robert A. Pittman
Mr. Lee Pollock
Mrs. Jean Bruce Poole
Mr. and Dr. Alex Pope III
Mr. Michael Portman
Mrs. Natalie T. Pray
Prof. Brian Abel Ragen
Mr. John N. Rampe and Mrs. Elinore Evans
Mrs.Julia Rankin
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Ray III
Dr. Grace (Sid) Ray and Mr. Philip Kearns
Mr. Charles D. Reaves
Ms. Vonita Reescer
Mrs. Kathy Reiman
Ms. Sally Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roberson 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robinson
Mr. Ralph Rogers
Mr. Ryan Ruskin and Mr. Michael Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. William Sanderson
John and Linda Sapp
Mr. Jeffrey L. Schnabel
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schulhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Secker
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sevier
Mrs. Nora H. Shepard
Mrs. Janet Shope
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Simms
Mr. Noel Sloan
Mr. Richard M. Smarg
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Smith, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith
Mrs. Shirley P. Spears
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stahel
Mr. Ethan B. Stanley II
Mr. Ellsworth Stanton III MBE KSt.J
Mr. and Mrs. R. Curtis Steele
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Stewart
Mrs. Lynn Strudler
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Taylor III
Mr. Jeff Tennant and Mr. Bruce Smith
Dr. and Mrs. H. Emerson Thomas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Told, Jr.
Mrs. Vivian Treat
Ms. Tamara Trittschuh
Dr. Louise Valine 
Dt. Julia Churchill Van de Water
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Viner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austin Vinyard
Mr. Cedric Vogel
Dr. Suzy M. Wakefield and Mr. Jay S. Wakefield
Mr. and Mrs. J. Otey Walker III
Ms. JoAnn Wallace
Ms. Katherine K. Walls
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Warden
Mr. John Wat
Mrs. Ruth Weaver
Ms. Annette Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. James Wesner
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Stephanie White-Trivas
Mrs. Andrew T. Whitley
Mrs. Linda Defoor Wickham
Ms. Barbara G. Willette
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Williams III
Mr. George T. Williamson
Prof. Elaine Orr Wise
Ms. Robin Woodard
Mr. Richard P. Woodson III
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Wyndrum
Ms. Karen Zupko