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ARNIC Facebook Group Created

ARNIC is pleased to announce the creation of a Facebook Group specifically for ARNIC members.  Join this group to stay in touch with past and present ARNIC members, share stories and photos from our events and get updates about ARNIC activities.

Click here to join the ARNIC Facebook Group.

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Upstander Intervention workshop

On November 9, ESU ARNIC hosted an Upstander intervention workshop, where members, tutors and staff learned how to stand up against harassment in their communities. You can read more about the workshop in Voices of NY

Make America White Again?

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Editorial from The ARNIC Observer, Fall 2016

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The ESU Supports Immigrants, Asylum-seekers, and Refugees

Since 2013, nearly 1,000 recent immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers from 66 different countries have been welcomed as members of the English-Speaking Union Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center.

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Three ARNIC Members Win NYU Essay Competition

This year three members of the Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center (ARNIC) at the English-Speaking Union (ESU) won the prestigious essay competition of The Literacy Review journal published by New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Studies. 

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ESU Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center Celebrates its Second Graduating Class


Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center at ESU is Proud to Support the 1st Annual Immigrant Heritage Month

Today the English-Speaking Union (ESU) announced its support of the first ever Immigrant Heritage Month, an initiative organized by the Welcome.us, a non-profit that is partnering with corporations, media outlets, organizations, celebrities, athletes, faith, civic, and political leaders to gather and share inspirational stories of American immigrants.

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Learning One Million Words: ARNIC Interviewed by Voices of New York

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Maya Ogibalina may not know more than a few thousand words in English but she knows enough to make a joke or two.

Although the exchange may not mean much to her native English-speaking customers, Ogibalina's ability to play with words is one of many new things she can do after a year of studies at the Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center.

The center, which was the vision of Hungarian-born immigrant Andrew Romay, allows recent immigrants to learn English, practice job interviews, understand American history and culture and get information on housing, health care and employee rights.

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Members of the Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center Visit Nation's Capital

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On April 28 and 29 a group of new immigrants, members of the Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center (ARNIC) of the ESU visited Washington, DC. The trip was part of ARNIC's civil and cultural education initiative. Through trips to landmarks, museums, parks, historical buildings and notable organizations in New York City and beyond these new Americans learn about American culture, history, arts, governance and citizenship.

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ESU Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center Celebrates First Anniversary

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Mr. Romay congratulates three graduates of the ESU Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center

The English-Speaking Union Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center celebrated its inaugural year with a graduation ceremony for its first graduates on April 1, 2014. The event was generously hosted by the Open Society Foundations at their offices in New York City.

The Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center (ARNIC), named for the program's key instigator and supporter, is committed to improving the lives of recent immigrants by providing a welcoming environment, resources and information to help them improve their English, explore work and study opportunities, network, pursue citizenship, and acquire cultural fluency in order to participate fully in American society. Launched in January 2013, more than 200 new Americans have benefited from the ARNIC program.

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