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British Universities Summer School

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What are the available BUSS programs offered the summer of 2015?

1. Scottish Universities' International Summer School at the University of Edinburgh:

Scottish Literature
Contemporary Literature
Creative Writing
Irish Theatre and Performance 

2. Oxford University:

English Literature Summer School (Exeter College)
History, Politics & Society Summer School (Exeter College)
Creative Writing Summer School (Exeter College)
International Politics Summer School (St. Anthony's College)

 2014 Oxford Program Brochure 

3. Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance at Shakespeare's Globe is offered exclusively to teachers through the English-Speaking Union of the United States.

2014 Globe TSTP Program Brochure (2015 Available in December)

Sample Course Outline - TSTP

What does the course cost include?

The course costs include tuition, most meals and dorm rooms with shared bath.  Refer to the websites for each program for details.  Airfare and insurance are not included.

Are there Fellowships available?

YES!  In fact, most of our ESU BUSS teachers are fully or partially funded through the generosity of ESU Branch members.  To see if an ESU BUSS Fellowship is available in your community, click here.

If you live in a community that does not offer a scholarship, you are still invited to apply directly through the National Headquarters of the English-Speaking Union. We regret that we cannot provide scholarships for all qualified teachers, but we encourage you to seek funding through your own community resources (such as schools, local foundations, and local businesses).  Upon request, the ESU and the partner schools will provide letters of support for your funding proposals. 

How do I apply?

BUSS 2015 program dates, details, and course descriptions and application forms will be available by December 1, 2014. For information on last year's dates and course descriptions, please download the 2014 brochures for The Globe, Oxford and Edinburgh.  

If you are applying for a scholarship from an ESU Branch, please visit the ESU Branch website for the application and information on deadlines.  Note:  if you are selected for a ESU BUSS scholarship, you will need to complete the UK educational institution's application and send it to The English-Speaking Union National Headquarters, 144 East 39th Street, New York, NY 10016.  Applications for Summer 2015 are due March 1, 2015.

If you are not applying for an ESU Branch scholarship, please complete the UK educational institution's application and send it to The English-Speaking Union National Headquarters, 144 East 39th Street, New York, NY 10016. 

When will I know if I am accepted?

Teachers are notified directly via e-mail by the educational institution in mid-April of their acceptance.

I have been accepted for this summer, what's next?

Your email from the British institution will outline required next steps. In general:

  • Accept the place in writing.
  • Pay the fees in a timely manner as outlined.  
  • If you are receiving a scholarship from an ESU Branch, they will pay the tuition and school fees.
  • Apply for a passport, if you do not hold a valid passport for travel to the United Kingdom.  It is the responsibility of the teacher to check with their local consulate the requirements for entrance to study in the UK for two to three weeks.  At this time, teachers do not need to obtain a visa for summer courses. You will be entering the UK as a student visitor.  A letter confirming participation in the summer program will be supplied by the U.K. institution and should be presented at immigration if requested.
  • Book your plane ticket

What if I must withdraw from the program?

In the event that a fellow is unable to attend the program, he/she must notify the Branch (if receiving a scholarship) and the Education Department in writing.  Fees paid to the institution will be returned according to the individual schools' regulations, as specified in their materials. Recipients of ESU BUSS Scholarships will be personally liable for the fees in the event of a withdrawal.  

I am a BUSS alum, can I apply again?

Indeed, you may apply again.  However, most Branches do not offer scholarships to previous BUSS awardees.  Note:  Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance at Shakespeare's Globe has a limited number of spots, and preference will be given to teachers participating for the first time.

I am a BUSS alum, how do I become more involved in the ESU?

Many of our BUSS alum return to give presentations to their local ESU Branches, as well as to help run our ESU Education programs, including BUSS, the ESU National Shakespeare Competition, Shakespeare Set Free and the Middle School Debate Program.  Please visit your ESU Branch Website to learn about more opportunities for ESU members.

I have more questions.

Please contact Alice Uhl, ESU International Programs Manager, at or 212-818-1200, ext. 212. 


An Opportunity for Educators

"Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance" at Shakespeare's Globe breathed new life into my perception of Shakespeare and his plays - and the pedagogical approaches are unlike anything I have learned before. My students are already loving each lesson I bring from the Globe's TSTP program!

-- Kate Alexander, Richmond, Virginia (The Globe, 2011)