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Exciting Resource for English in Action!

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Exciting Resource for English in Action!

The Marian Siegel Tutor Toolkit is named in memory of a beloved English in Action tutor who passed away in 2012. One toolkit is available for each New York unit to share among its students and tutors.

The toolkit was English in Action Manager Karen Ruelle's brainchild, in consultation with the English in Action Ad Hoc Committee, which made recommendations on what kinds of materials to include. It was funded by donations from the students and tutors, the result of a dedicated fundraising effort led by former unit director and tutor Rachel Roth.

Each toolkit contains: The Oxford Picture Dictionary; an idiom book; a packet of conversation topic cards; US history flash cards; maps; a mirror (to be used to improve pronunciation) and rubber bands (for demonstrating emphasis), with directions on their use; pronunciation exercises; simple games; a US Culturegram; NYC resources; and back issues of the English in Action newsletter Here/There. Units are encouraged to add other materials and resources, as they like.

So far, the Tutor Toolkit has had an enthusiastic reception, and a number of students and tutors have been inspired to acquire more of these materials for their own use. Anyone interested in funding additional toolkits is encouraged to contact Ed Mohylowski at emohylowski@esuus.org

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