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2015-16 Luard Morse Scholars Pre-Departure Interviews

2015-16 ESU Luard Morse Scholars Allyson Carpenter and Laura Campbell on Heading to the University of Oxford

Laura Campbell
Biology Major
Chemistry Minor 

Allyson Carpenter
Political Science Major
Community Development Minor 

How did you feel when you were awarded an ESU Luard Morse Scholarship?

It was a feeling of euphoria! I remember being in my best friend's room when I received the call…It was definitely the biggest and best surprise of my life. Ultimately, I felt as though this one door opening would shed light on so many corridors to doors I hope to open in the future.

How are you preparing for your time away?

Because I will be out of the US, it was necessary for me to resign from my local elected office in the District of Columbia. I've spent this summer serving the last few months of my term, notifying my constituents of my impending resignation, and working to achieve many of the policy goals I set upon taking office.

How are you preparing for your time away?

This summer I am participating in a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health…In addition to my science immersion, I have also been making sure to practice spontaneity. I have been traveling, going to plenty of museums, trying new foods, and making sure I appreciate the remaining time I have in the States. I have also been reading The Wisdom of Insecurity, a wonderful book that my mentor recommended…this will help me to savor every moment abroad. 

What advice have you received?

I've talked to ESU Luard Morse Scholar Kyle Burton a great deal about what to expect. His advice was to get involved in student life as much as possible and to make the most of each day in the United Kingdom!


What advice have you received?

My father gave me the most simple and most valuable advice: "The key to success is hard work and determination. While you may spend most of your time in the classroom, immerse yourself in the culture and try to learn something from everyone you meet. This will augment your understanding of the world and enrich the legacy you will leave."

What are you most apprehensive about?

Withdrawing from American life for an entire year! For the last two years, I've become so involved in my college and my D.C. community, so I am a bit worried about checking out completely.

You'll be an ambassador of your many communities here in the US. What do you hope to impart to your new communities in the UK? 

I hope to really impart a broader understanding of America and especially minority America. This understanding I hope to communicate will range from my experience at a Historically Black College to my Southern roots. As an African American female, I also hope to give my new communities an authentic interpretation of my demographic.

I am proud to serve as an ambassador of my college, my hometown, the English-Speaking Union, and ultimately, my country while studying abroad in the UK. I hope that I will be a positive example of what these communities value and represent. I also hope that I can challenge some of the monolithic and stereotypical perceptions that exist about Americans, and even African Americans. In short, I hope to impart the idea that even within a small community, there is great diversity that adds to the richness of that community. 

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