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East Coast High School Public Debate Program: February 10








East Coast High School Public Debate Program: February 10

We look forward to seeing you at the February 10 debate at Hackley School (293 Benedict Ave., Tarrytown, NY). Please plan on arriving at 8:00am. 

Registration closes February 7 at 6:00pm!

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Please write the three names of the students on each team separated by commas.

Example: Team 1: Bob Smith, Smith Joe, Joe Bob

League teams can register up to six teams.
Non-league teams can register up to two teams.

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Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Team 5
Team 6
Team 7 (wait list)


Please write in each judge's name and the rounds that he or she can judge (there are 5 total rounds).

Example: Judge 1: Bob Smith, 1 and 3, Judge 2: Ann Smith, 1-5, Judge 3: Sarah Jones, 3-4.

(You are required to bring one judge for every 2 teams for each round)

Remember to list the Coach(es) as Judges.

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Judge 1
Judge 2
Judge 3
Judge 4
Judge 5
Judge 6
Judge 7
Judge 8


Please list the names of anyone who will attend the judge training session. If none will, please write "None".

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Lunches are $5/ person. Cash is due at registration at the beginning of the day. Please enter the number of people who will need lunch (enter 0 for none).

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Topic suggestion for future tournament.  Topic must be in debate format to be considered.

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Please contact Stephen Fitzpatrick, sfitzpatrick@hackleyschool.org, with any additional questions.