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2018 TLab Scholarship Application








2018 TLab Scholarship Application

Applications for summer 2018 scholarships are closed.  Please check back in fall 2018 for the summer 2019 scholarship application.

This form is now closed.

Please contact Taylor Peterson, Education Assistant, School & Teacher Programs at tpeterson@esuus.org with any questions.

two tier app

Please note:

This application will be forwarded to your local ESU Branch.  They will contact you to schedule an interview, if needed.

Once accepted and awarded a TLab Fellowship by their local ESU Branch, the TLab applicant must then apply and be accepted by the TLab program (Globe, Oxford, SUISS). Most ESU TLab scholarship recipients are accepted into their first choice program. However, these programs have limited availability. The Globe is extremely competitive.

Teachers who do not receive the scholarship may still apply to the program of their choice.  However, they will need to provide the funds in full for the selected program.

Final acceptance is determined and notified by the UK institution in Spring 2018, not the ESU.


final info

Please have two professional letters of recommendation (from a colleague or principal of your school) ready to submit if you are selected for an interview.  Your local ESU Branch will notify you of interview dates and times.

If you are awarded an ESU Branch TLab Scholarship, you will then need to complete the British institution's 2018 application form, provide all their required supporting documents for consideration by their specific deadlines (please see program pages for deadline dates).

If you are not awarded an ESU Branch TLab Scholarship, we encourage to seek out alternate funding sources.  Please consult our Fundraising Guide for further advice and information.