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Added Membership Value for First-Time Members!

Even though our current membership year will end in three months, there is an opportunity in this fourth quarter for new members to take advantage of bonus months during their first year of membership. 

If a new member enrolls during the fourth quarter of the membership year, that is, during April, May or June, their membership will carry over into the new membership year.  That means the new member gets one, two or three extra months in their first-year membership depending on which month in the fourth quarter they enrolled.

You may know of someone who is right on the edge of deciding to join and maybe these little extra "bonus" months would encourage them to join now rather than wait until the new fiscal year begins. In some cases in the past, these bonus months have resulted in a new member who wouldn't have joined otherwise. 

For example, if a new member joined on April 1, 2016, their first-year membership would actually be 15 months long—from April 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.  So, if you know someone who has been thinking of joining, please mention this to them.  Many of our new members are referrals from current members so we encourage you to talk to your friends and invite them to join.

If you need any ESU membership brochures to give to your friends who may be interested in joining, just let us know and we'll get them to you ASAP.  Or, if we can assist with the recruiting of your friends, please let us know.  Contact Nicole Burriss for 4th Quarter Membership Bonus Assistance: (816) 377-7757 or email at nicole.burriss@me.com.  


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