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Queen’s Birthday and Diamond Jubilee Tea Celebration

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Date: Saturday, July 28, 2012
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Anna Marie's Teas
Bohnet House
343 W. Liberty Drive
Liberty, MO 64068

Kansas City ESU members and guests had a wonderful English Afternoon Tea at Anna Marie's Teas in Liberty on Saturday afternoon, July 28, 2012.  The tea was held in a beautiful 3-story Victorian home built in 1913.  It was furnished in English and American turn-of-the-century antiques.  In total, 35 attended the tea which was the largest ESU Queen's Birthday Celebration in over two decades.  Since 2012 was also the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Jeff Schnabel, president, gave a special toast to her 60th year as reigning Queen. The formal Full English Tea included tea sandwiches, sweets, scones, English curd, Anna Marie's Devonshire cream and premium teas. Brenda Hedrick, the owner and proprietor of Anna's Teas proudly proclaimed, "This is not just any tea party--our tea experiences are delightfully extravagant!"

In addition to the tea, other activities added to the festivities—Ann Robards, ESU vice-president, had a series of trivia questions about the Queen and her Diamond Jubilee Celebration.  ESU members and guests were quite knowledgeable and quick to answer most of the questions.  Then, Jeff Schnabel had several door prizes to give away including boxes of English teas, champagne, and other British memorabilia.  Off to the side, a computer monitor displayed a beautiful slide show of photos from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee which guests enjoyed watching.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and many first-time guests commented that they look forward to attending next year's ESU Queen's Birthday Celebration and Tea.


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