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ESU Festival Group Night

Romeo and Juliet 
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

It's been two years since the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival has produced a play at Southmoreland Park. And even more special this year—this is their 30th anniversary season! This summer we are thrilled to watch a terrific cast perform Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet outdoors in the beautiful, moonlit park. So, after two years in waiting, ESU members and friends are invited to this special evening on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.


Romeo & Juliet's timeless appeal lies in its beautiful language and powerful affirmation of love over hate. This is a must-see production directed once again by Sidonie Garrett.

This will certainly be a spectacular production with lavish stage sets, colorful costuming and all our favorite actors and actresses including: Evan Cleaver as Romeo, Jess Andrews as Juliet, John Rensenhouse, Matt Rapport and Cinnamon Schultz just to name a few.

When: Wednesday, June 29, Curtain is 8:00 pm

Where: Southmoreland Park, just west of the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

Seats: We will have reserved seats near the stage!

Tickets: We have arranged a group discount for our reserved seats at a price of $22.00 per seat. To purchase your tickets, simply phone the Festival's office at (816) 531-7728. Tell them you are ordering a reserved seat(s) for the "ESU Group" so you will get the $22.00 discount price. You can pay over the phone by credit card. When you arrive at the Park, just tell the staff at the entrance you are part of the ESU Group and have a reserved seat. 




6:30 and 7:15 PM—Pre-Show Parody: The Festival's teen apprentice troupe called Team Shakespeare presents a hilarious parody of the Festival play. The parody will amuse both children and adults while helping them understand the plot of Romeo & Juliet. You will find the performance between the Festival Gate and the seating area. Two performances: 6:30 or 7:15 PM.

7:00 PM--Show Talk:  "Show Talk," gives audiences an entertaining and educational preview of the play. Show Talk begins at 7:00 PM. Gates open at 6:00.

Food Options—

        A. You may bring your own picnic basket with food and drink items of your choice. 

        B. You may purchase food and beverages from the various vendors at the park.

       C. Other snacks are available too…funnel cakes, kettle corn, soft drinks, bottled water and more!

Parking: Allow yourself plenty of time to park and walk to the Festival's entrance. 

Carpooling:  If anyone wants to use their car to carpool to reduce the number of cars, let us  know and I'll pass along information so members can contact the carpool drivers to make pick up arrangements.

 Weather:  It's usually very pleasant in the park by showtime. Watch forecasts and plan accordingly.

Friends of ESU and Guests:  If you have friends or relatives who would like to join our group at the discounted price, please feel free to invite them. They should arrange for their reserved seats as stated above.  Be sure they mention that they are part of the ESU Group.

Questions?: Call Jeff Schnabel at (816) 878-1239

We hope to see you on June 29th at Southmoreland Park! 


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