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ESU Kansas City Branch Supports
Fine Arts Education Day at Mo State Capitol

Friends, during this period of uncertainty with the coronavirus health crisis, our members, families, friends and the public are of greatest concern. The Fine Arts Education Day program has been canceled for this year. We are sorry for this inconvenience and sudden change. The Missouri Alliance for Arts Education has committed to resuming this important arts program for Missouri schools next year.

The ESU Kansas City Branch will again be represented at the Fine Arts Education Day at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri, on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

The purpose of Fine Arts Education Day is to highlight the importance of fine arts education in Missouri schools. This program is sponsored by the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education which is a consortium of arts education associations that represent dance, theatre, music and visual art. By joining together, these organizations in Missouri speak with a powerful and unified voice about the importance of the arts in Missouri schools.

During FAED, the Missouri State Capitol building is alive with vocal and instrumental ensemble performances, dance groups and theatrical presentations. Performance venues include the First Floor Capitol Rotunda and the South Steps of the Capitol building.

Students and teachers have found FAED is more than a performance opportunity; it provides a lesson in state government and Missouri history as well.  School districts' State Representative's and/or Senator's office staff will arrange tours for the students during their visit to the Capitol.

Sheridan Mirador from Center High School, our ESU Kansas City First Place Winner, and Emery Downs, from Blue Springs South High School, will perform their Shakespeare monologues before a large audience in the rotunda of the Missouri State Capitol at FAED in Jefferson City. Missouri

The English-Speaking Union, Kansas City Branch, will have an information table in the rotunda along with other organizations supporting the day's activities. This is an ideal opportunity for our ESU Branch to highlight our activities and educational programs to the many teachers and students attending the Fine Arts Education Day.

ESU members are welcome to attend the day's free events at the Missouri State Capitol Building in Jefferson City, Missouri and also help out at our information table. Mark your calendar to attend this event in Jefferson City, Mo. The program is only about three hours and is an easy drive to and from Jefferson City. Some members have already expressed interest in attending. Contact Jeff if you are interested. Some ESU members may want to drive together. 


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