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Let's keep the fun going and support our Kansas City Branch winner! A $1,000 People's Choice Award will be awarded to one lucky student. Sheridan Mirador is Kansas City's  Branch Winner. He is a senior at Center High School in Kansas City.

Click here to watch the video performances of 49 students who entered the 2020 National Shakespeare Competition. As you watch each of the students perform, be sure to watch Sheridan, he is #47

Here's how to vote: Text NSC and the number of your favorite student to 212-818-1200. There must NOT be a space between NSC and the number (example: NSC57)  Please only vote once. Additional votes from the same number will be discounted. And please do not call in; your vote will not count and your call will not be returned.

The First, Second and Third Place winners in the National Shakespeare Competition Finals will not be eligible for the People's Choice Award.

Everyone is invited to vote—ESU members, Friends of ESU, teachers, students, neighbors, your relatives. Let's get as many votes as possible!

Voting closes at 11:00 pm Central Time, Thursday, April 23.

Let's wish Sheridan (#47)  the best of luck in the People's Choice Award.


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