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Romeo and Juliet
Script in Hand

William Shakespeare's seminal play? It's difficult if not impossible to choose among the Bard's many masterpieces, but Romeo and Juliet makes just about every short list of contenders. It's one of his two most-performed pieces (with A Midsummer Night's Dream), especially popular in the U.S.

When you are passionately in love, nothing else matters – as seen in Shakespeare's well known tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. These teen lovers are irresistibly drawn to each other despite an ancient feud between their two families. Defying the hatred and distrust surrounding them, they dare to face all odds to be together.

The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival's SCRIPT-IN-HAND reading of one of the most popular plays in the canon will bring this story to vivid and accessible life. Featuring a cast of local professionals, several who are Festival alumni–come experience the "play-within-the-play" that will be part of this summer's Festival production of Shakespeare in Love (which includes Romeo and Juliet as a play within the play).

Co-presented by the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival and the Kansas City Public Library

ESU members and friends of ESU are invited to attend this free program at 2:00 pm on Sunday, May 12, 2019 at the Plaza Library. Please RSVP to this free program here. Or call (816) 701-3407.


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