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2021 Scholar Tea

The Kentucky Branch of the ESU is proud of the scholars who will be attending courses at Edinburgh University in Scotland.  A small celebratory tea was held at the Audubon Country Club on April 24, socially distanced of course.  Those in attendance included Scholar Scott Wilson Randolph (University of Louisville), Lyon's Scholar and Grace Brogan (Thomas More University), Everett Scholar, who will be taking courses on Scottish Literature and Text and Context Modernism in Scotland, respectively.  Scholar teachers in attendance this year were Beth Ewing (Oxford University) and Cana Hibpshman (The Globe).  Since Cambridge and the Globe have limited or no access, those scholarships will be held over to 2022.


Many cudos to Dr. Lancaster and Dr. Scharre for accomplishing these two scholarships for 2021.  It is impossible to imagine the hurdles it took for these two to go to Scotland considering quarantining and the flexibility to change from one course to another that will actually be taught in person.  Whew!


It is to be hoped that next year we will have a traditional Queen's Tea for the launching of our Kentucky Scholars, 2022. You will be invited to attend – we hope without distancing involved.

You can view the photos from the event here.


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