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Lexington ESU members were treated to a fascinating presentation and slideshow on April 4 by experimental gardener Paul Wilson. Wilson, a resident of Fairfield, Virginia spoke on the subject of "Capability Brown Comes to Fairfield".  The lecture was followed by a buffet dinner held at the Lexington Country Club.

Wilson described how he has strived over the past 40 years to adopt on his Fairfield property some of the landscape gardening principles of Lancelot "Capability" Brown.  Brown, an18th century English landscape architect, designed over 170 English gardens, many of which still endure.  Brown's naturalistic style including broad sweeping lawns, serpentine lakes and strategically-placed trees.  Wilson has toured many of Brown's gardens, and included photographs of them in his presentation.  He also showed "before" and "after" photos of his property, showing a remarkable transformation over the past 40 years.  


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