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Page Scholar, Andrew Nowak, Is Hosted By The Monmouth County New Jersey Branch

First row, left to right:  Board Members:  Robin Blair, Richard Biernacki, Janet Smuga, Harry Brady

Second row:  left to right:  David Henritzy, Andrew Nowark, Page Scholar; Ron Brown, Janet Pitman


Andrew began his research in the U.S. on March 29th with a Sunday morning tour of  OASIS Farm in Middletown, escorted by his ESU co-host, Robin Blair, and OASIS board member Barbara D'Augusta.   OASIS tlc is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote inclusion and acceptance of autistic individuals into their local communities by establishing environmentally exemplary farm centers that provide meaningful work, peaceful and healthy residences and community interaction. 

On Sunday afternoon Andrew attended a welcome reception in his honor at the Rumson home of Janet Pitman and Donald Pitman.  Forty members of the Monmouth County ESU and guests had a chance to meet Andrew and hear his well-delivered speech about his mission.  

The next morning, accompanied by his co-host Janet Pitman, Andrew visited the Douglas Developmental Disabilities Center in New Brunswick and participated in a knowledge exchange/information session with Director Maria Arnold, followed by a tour of this excellent educational facility for 3-24 year olds on the autism spectrum.  Later that afternoon Andrew was guided through the programs offered at Red Bank Regional High School by two Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultants:  Audrey Mc Garry and Teresa Shulman.  He was able to observe classes in which autism spectrum students were successfully mainstreamed. 

Tuesday, March 31, Andrew departed Monmouth County for sessions with heads of various similar programs in NYU, Queens, Hohokus, NJ; and finally Pennsylvania before returning home to London on April 4th.    Thanks to Andrew for being such an avid researcher and professional, and thanks to the British ESU for maintaining this scholarship which honors the memory of Walter Hines Page, American ambassador to Britain in WWI, and allows for these worthwhile intellectual and educational exchanges.  

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