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The Mayflower

The Mayflower Sailed from London
a talk by
Robert Hulse
co-sponsored by
The Society of Mayflower Descendants

In Rotherhithe, borough of Southwark, south-east London, stands a statue of a ship captain, which is inscribed: In memory of Christopher Jones, Captain of The Mayflower, who landed 102 planters and adventurers and founded the first permanent settlement in Massachusetts. Although most people think the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth, initially the Mayflower set sail from Rotherhithe only to turn back when her companion ship, the Speedwell proved leaky. The second attempt, from Plymouth to the New World, succeeded, and the rest, as they say, is history. This lecture will tell the story of Southwark in 1620, a place of great vitality and extreme contrasts and from where the Mayflower began her voyage to the New World.  

Robert Hulse, M.A., is Director of London's Brunel Museum; he is also co-author of The Brunels' Tunnel, with a foreword by Michael Palin. Mr. Hulse has worked in education and museums for 20 years. He has taught at London University and City University; lectured at Chiba University, Tokyo, the Royal Institution of Great Britain and Tel Aviv University. The museum recently received the Freedom of the Ancient Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey, thus bestowing on Robert twin rare privileges: he is now permitted access to any of the river-steps of the Thames… and may drive sheep across London Bridge.

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