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MARCH 15th, 2020


Early in World War II, John Lennon was born into a family fraught with dysfunction and conflict. He was raised in a Liverpool suburb by an aunt while his mother lived nearby with a man not her husband and two young daughters. Tensions between the aunt and her sister, John's mother, weighed heavily on John. Music offered young Lennon a lifeline and also became a source of conflict. His songs often reflect elegiac longing for childhood, feelings of emptiness, fears of abandonment, and a tendency to self criticism. Lennon overcame great odds to forge a musical career and found the band that became the Beatles. This talk explores Lennon's early years, featuring songs that helped invest his life with meaning even as they returned him to his troubled past.

David Venturo is professor of English at The College of New Jersey, where his interests include Shakespeare; English literature, 1650-1850; and the Beatles and modern popular culture.

DATE: March 15th, 2020
LOCATION: All Saints' Church, Princeton
TIME: 3:00 pm.

Light refreshments will follow the competition. Free to the public.


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