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Princeton Events 2020 - 2021

9/20 – My Favorite Spot in the UK or Where I Didn't Go on My Summer Vacation by members of the Princeton ESU

For those of us who are tired of being cooped up at home, members will show their photographs of some of Great Britain's most beautiful spots and comment on them.  Join us for a virtual vacation!

10/11 – Brexit: The Saga Continues by Kim Lane Sheppele of the School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University

The UK has left the EU, but many details of the split have yet to be worked out.  Can the negotiators do so before January 1st and thus avoid a hard Brexit?   

11/8 – The Gunpowder Plot by Alastair Bellany of Rutgers University

Perhaps you associate November 5th with bonfires and Guy Fawkes, but do you know why? 

12/13 – The History of the Nine Lessons and Carols by John Burkhalter and Sheldon Eldridge

Enjoy the holiday season by learning about one of its most cherished traditions.

1/24 – A Virtual Burns Supper hosted by Members of the Princeton ESU

Celebrate the birthday of Scotland's favorite son.  We'll have music, poetry, and maybe even a haggis….

2/28 – The Delaware Art Museum's Pre-Raphaelite Collection by Margareta Frederick, the museum's chief curator

Tour the Delaware Art Museum's extensive (and gorgeous) collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings in the comfort of your own home!

3/21 – Young John Lennon by David Venturo of The College of New Jersey

Learn about the early years—and early music—of one of Rock & Roll's greatest singer songwriters.

4/? – Cricket by Vineet Anand

Break out the Pimms and imagine the thwack of leather on willow. Local cricket-enthusiast Vineet Anand will talk about the ever-popular sport of cricket.

5/? – TBA


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