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Fellowship and BBQ at Milburnie Fishing Club

On November 13 at the Milburnie Fishing Club in Raleigh, members and guests enjoyed a scrumptious buffet of barbeque, oyster casserole, roast chicken, hush puppies, and loads of sides. The Milburnie Fishing Club sits on land granted around 1730 by King George to the Hinton family. The club was founded in 1913, when A. H. Byrum, E. P. Maynard, R. P. Dickson, T. C. Powell, and J. P. Timberlake each contributed $500 to buy the 65 acres neighboring Midway Plantation from Charles Lewis Hinton. It remains today the rustic retreat of Raleigh's old guard.

At the event Charlie Silver told us about his family history, dating back to before the Jamestown settlement. His family was settled before the Revolutionary War in what is now North Carolina. They built and ran several plantations in the vicinity, with Midway Plantation being just that--midway between two of the others. It is on the land that belonged to Midway Plantation where Milburnie Fishing Club now sits. Charlie and his lovely wife, Dena, reside now in the manor house of Midway Plantation. 

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