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Life in the White House --- ( they did not burn the house down )

Another packed house enjoyed President Madison and his wife Dolly discuss Washington D.C. in the early 1800's.    They did not "burn the house down" … it was the British.  Dolly confirmed .. she did save the red velvet drapes but the portrait of George Washington was the higher priority.

The audience was both entertained and educated.   The challenge of working to satisfy two parties with vary different views was managed by Mrs. Madison thru her social skills.   The opening of the White House for social occasions that was inclusive of all – politicians, merchants, farmers – all were welcome and all came.  Known as the weekly squeeze it helped define our country.

President Madison, whose great skill with the written word, penned positions from both parties.  This work helped him maintain the communications open and led to his effective guidance of our country through difficult times.  

Mr. Bryan Austin who played President Madison and Ms. Anna Deitel who played Dolly Madison are members of the Historic Life repertory company.   They brought the past to life for a wonderful evening.


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