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Reception site co-chairs need sites

Reception Site Co-chairs Peter Phillips and Susan Wilson need venues for June, July and beyond! If you would be willing to lend your home for a Saturday evening, please contact Susan at (206) 292-9756 or email her at Our receptions are great places to keep up with friends, old and new, but we need your help.


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Welcome to the New Monthly Reception Coordinators!

Susan Wilson and Peter Phillips have volunteered to tackle the job of finding venues for our ESU Monthly Receptions. If you would like to volunteer your home for the second Saturday of any future month, please give Susan a call at (206) 292-9756 or email her at Our monthly receptions are very important for our members and fun places to catch up on the news of our friends. We are deeply indebted to our hardworking bar guys, Joe and Steve, as well as Alison and her reliable hostesses. Add to this our new members of the team—Susan and Peter. Many thanks to all who help our branch!


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Nominations for Board and Officers Welcomed

It is that time of the year when the Nominating Committee meets to fill Seattle Board and Officer slots. If you would like to be considered, please drop a note to Pat Wilson this year's Nominating Chairperson by email at or mail her at Wilcor Grounding Systems, 4045 Seventh Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108. Please indicate your interest in working with one of our programs or how you might contribute to the branch. I'll copy and pass your request to our other committee members.


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English-In-Action News

We are so lucky that Marlene Holbrook stepped in to revive our branch English-in-Action program! She, along with Lisa and Sara, is doing an outstanding job. You'll be pleased to hear of the program status:

English-in-Action of the Seattle Branch of the English Speaking Union has just completed the first segment of this year's program. Our group has grown from 3 persons to 9. The additional number are visiting scholars from Korea and Japan, a lovely group that are truly enjoyable. A big thank you to Lisa McHogan and Sara Hemphill my stalwart associates who contribute so much. If anyone is interested in joining this very interesting gathering, please contact me for further information.

—Marlene Holbrook, English-in-Action Chair, (425) 218-6230


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Many Thanks to All Who Donated to Our Branch Scholarship, English-In-Action, and Shakespeare Programs

The Lavender Hill Mob passed the hat and donated $385 For the Scholarship Fund. The group is growing and it shows you can have a lot of fun and do good things at the same time!

Patron Members can send a portion of their membership back to the branch as did Judy King, Clarke O'Reilly, Jr., Kathleen Hitchcock, Mark Levine and John Keppler, Don and Elizabeth McKenzie, Sarah Navarre, Ingrid Philbrick, Jim and Donna Smith, Dr. Barbee Tucker-Pigott, and Jay and Suzy Wakefield.

In Memoriam Donations were given to remember past member Kathleen Hitchcock. Ingrid Philbrick' designated her donation to the Shakespeare Fund, and James and Ethel Kemp-Slaughter designated the Scholarship Fund. Remember, you can designate any donation for the fund you are most interested in helping with their efforts! We all miss Kathleen.


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