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Another year has passed and we're celebrating 2016. Not a bad time to make some New Year resolutions. Why not start off by thinking of ways to become more active in our ESU Seattle branch? The ladies that pull together our reception food would simply love to hear from you. We meet monthly-why not take a look at the locations for future receptions. We need roughly six volunteers each month. Bring your favorite dish and help with monthly clean-up. Our receptions are fun and hold our membership together.

Clint Miller is responsible for finding reception venues for our receptions and is always open to volunteers.

Beyond the receptions, our branch stays strong when we add new members. Why not invite a friend or two to one of our receptions or other event? We will have our Shakespeare Competition in March and welcome guests. Better yet, the competition is FREE.

Happy New Year to all and I hope 2016 is the BEST year yet-filled with lots of good things!

Patricia Wilson, Editor


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