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The Seattle Branch's Annual General Meeting this May at the lovely Seattle Yacht Club included officially recognizing our three 2013—14 scholarship winners. Ramon Henderson, Alexander McCauley and Zachary Torp are nearly finished with their first year of graduate studies in the University of -Washington's Department of English, and they expressed their thanks and how they felt honored by being scholarship recipients. One scholar is looking into literature that explains how coffee has been "flavored" (as in, adulterated!) through the ages and how that has led to changes in food laws. "We also welcomed back Professor Juan Guerra, who has one more
year as Director of Graduate Studies before returning to the faculty. (Former director, Brian Reed, is soon to become chairman of the English Department.) We also got to meet an "unsung heroine," Kathy Mork, English Graduate Adviser. Kathy has been an anchor in our scholarship process over the years. As our national conference
approached last September, she was very helpful in putting our branch in touch with TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) experts who could participate in conference sessions.
The Seattle Branch ESU thanks all who generously participated in underwriting the dinners for the winners and the representatives from the English Department: Sarah Atwood, Don and Elizabeth McKenzie, Alan Waggoner, Ann Passantino, Ingeborg and Bob Dunlap, Mel and Karen White and Fred Kleinschmidt. We can be very proud of Ramon, Alexander and Zachary as they continue their studies and move into their roles as the next generation of English teachers.
—Loveday Conquest


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