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We enjoyed quite a special monthly reception at the home of Dr. Martin Greene in Madison Park in June. Dr. Greene's library was the highlight of the evening. It houses a fine collection of travel and exploration titles related to Polar Exploration (Arctic and Antarctic), Russian-American and selected titles on exploration of the Pacific Northwest, Northwest Passage and Northeast Passages. It is
one of the largest private collections of its type in the U.S. and probably the finest private collection of early works on Russian-America in the world. Clint Miller designed Dr. Greene's library and it is quite beautiful.

Many thanks to Reception Hostess and volunteers: Alison Ellison, Sandra Boyd, Barbee Tucker-Pigott, Marie Getaz, Delia Maricich, Sarah Atwood and, a big cheer for Fred Kleinschmidt who managed the bar. Alison decorated the buffet table appropriately for Father's Day and it was special indeed.

See you all next month at the home of Jirn and Donna Smith on Mercer Island. We will have a typical July 4th picnic—perhaps a week late—with baked ham, coleslaw, baked beans, sandwiches, and lots of salads.
Good old American picnic fare. Don't miss it!
—Pat Wilson


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