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2017 Walter Hines Page Scholar

The St. Louis Branch of the English-Speaking Union hosted Mr. Peter Hambridge as our 2017 Walter Hines Page Scholar.  Mr. Hambridge currently serves at the Head of Biology and the Joint Head of Science at Parmiter's School in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.  The goal of his visit was to explore strategies that American high schools use to support and encourage students in their pursuit of post-secondary science studies and careers.  He was provided with an informative and tasty tour of St. Louis, spoke about today's technological world at the St. Louis Branch February luncheon, toured four local schools, met with a professor of Educational Leadership at Maryville University, and attended a Saint Louis University basketball game.  Administrators, educators, and students warmly welcomed Mr. Hambridge at Pattonville High School, Clayton High School, Wydown Middle School, and Thomas Jefferson School.  Mr. Hambridge saw students analyzing senior research projects, several STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes, Advanced Placement classes, and honors classes. He toured state-of-the-art science classrooms, and several contacts shared the desire to form partnerships with Mr. Hambridge, his school, and his students. A positive connection was definitely formed across the pond as a result of Mr. Hambridge's visit to St. Louis.

Mr. Peter Hambridge, Dr. Steve Braun, Mr. Paul J. Azzara visiting Thomas Jefferson High School in St. Louis

Mr. Hambridge delivering his talk "Supporting the Next Generation of Scientists" to the members of the ESU-St. Louis at their February luncheon.



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