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Tucson Branch 2021 Shakespeare Competition

Congratulations to all of our competitions for a successful 2021 Shakespeare competition. We ran an all virtual competition with 18 students from across Southern Arizona.
Our Judges were esteemed Professors from the University of Arizona:
  • David Modern, Associate Professor of Voice and Movement, School of Theatre, Film and Television
  • Frederick Kiefer, Professor of English/Elizabethen and Jacobean Drama
  • Harold Dixon, retired Artistic Director of Theatre Arts/Actor and Director)
  • Patty Gallagher, Professor of Theatre Arts/University of California Santa Clara.
While Zoom was not our favorite tool the students participated excitedly while staying positive and offering encouragement to one another.
Congratulations to Kaya Lewis of Empire High School for winning 1st Place with Mercutio/Romeo and Juliet. Her teacher is Richard Gremel.
Sydney Jackman of Sahuarita High School got 2nd Place with Portia/Merchant of Venice. Her teacher is Benjamin Lebovitz.
Lacey Cargill of Desert Christian High School placed 3rd Place with Lady Macbeth/Macbeth. Her teacher is Alicia Fodor.

To view any of the video entries from all contestants, please click the respective links.

Colin Griffis

Monologue 247 Aaron Titus Andronicus

Angel Soto

Monologue 147 Desdemona Othello

Lily Bowman

Monologue 98 Portia Julius Caesar 

Dia Galloway 

Monologue 2 Bottom Midsummer Night's Dream

Monet Sanchez

Monologue 183 Juliet Romeo & Juliet

Alanna Kiley

Monologue 172 Anne Richard III

Danielle Hanks

Monologue 195 Adriana Comedy of Errors

Ivana Jimenez

Monologue 198 Portia Merchant of Venice

Sabrina Bates

Monologue 182 Juliet Romeo & Juliet

Reese Tyburec

Monologue 22 Cleopatra Antony & Cleopatra

Kaya Lewis

Monologue 189 Mercutio Romeo & Juliet

Lacey Cargill

Monologue 124 Lady Macbeth Macbeth

Isabella Kopas

Monologue 140 Isabella Measure for Measure

Lucia Iurino

Monologue 59 Hamlet Hamlet

Rosie Hutchings

Monologue 28 Phoebe As You Like It

Angelina Santiago

Monologue 22 Cleopatra Antony & Cleopatra

Sydney Jackman

Monologue #199 Portia Merchant of Venice

Karen Jie

Monologue 1Bottom MidSummer Night's Dream


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