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Message from the President

Dear Colonial NC Branch Members and Friends,

July 1st marked the beginning of another exciting year for the Colonial NC Branch and, as the newly
elected President, I am excited to relate, the monthly programs, events and outreach programs scheduled
to-date for 2020/21, are diverse and promote the organization's mission to utilize English as a catalyst to
foster global understanding by providing educational and cultural opportunities for members, students and
educators. Currently the monthly programs are being offered virtually to members until the COVID 19
crisis no longer requires cancellation of open meetings. Additionally, members can enjoy the ESU Happy
Hour, a series of free virtual programs with live guest speakers who often provide exciting participation

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am taking this opportunity to extend appreciation and thanks to our
many Colonial NC Branch members and friends for your on-going support and enthusiasm.


Elinor Kelly Wilson

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News And Events

"The Ultimate Sir Archie Experience" 

On Wednesday September 2nd at 1:00 p.m., James Payne Beckwith presented, All in the Family: Diomed, Sir Archie, and Henry, from the 1780 Epsom Derby to the Grand Match Race of 1823, via Zoom for Members of the Colonial NC Branch. 

You can view the full presentation bellow. 

Beckwith's presentation tells the story of Diomed, the great English racer who came to Virginia late in life, was the father of Sir Archie and became the great foundation sire of the American thoroughbred. His son Henry, foaled near Halifax, NC, ran against Diomed's grandson, American Eclipse in the Great Match Race of 1823 in Long Island. This was the first sporting event to capture the imagination of the young republic, causing Congress to adjourn and the stock market to close. Program includes an exhibit of "all things Archie".


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Ruay Htoo, Recipient of First Annual Colonial NC Branch, ESL Award of Merit

The local  Colonial NC Branch of the English Speaking Union is pleased to announce Ruay Htoo, a 5th grader at A.H. Bangert Elementary School is the recipient of their first ESL Award of Merit for his outstanding achievement of mastering English and becoming an excellent student since his family moved to New Bern as refugees from Burma in 2015.

As an advocate for local literacy programs, the Colonial NC Branch invited teachers in the Craven County Schools, English Second Language (ESL) Program, to annually select an outstanding student based on their determination and growth in becoming proficient in the English language, excelling in their studies and embracing the American culture.


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