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Welcome to our refreshed website! We have the entire year's schedule in brief to the left, the updated officer and board members to the right, and details about our upcoming program (to be changed each month) just below this note. There is also a picture album from out last event of the 2022/23 year, The Queen Elizabeth II Commemoration Tea and Annual Meeting, in the photo section.

You can contact us by email, in writing to our post office box, or find us on Facebook by clicking on the icon at the bottom right.

Bob Husson, President

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News And Events

Carols and Wassailing

December 10, Sunday, 4:00 p.m., 516 Middle Street, New Bern

(Members Only – Space Limitation)

Members of the Christ Church Choir will lead us into the Christmas Spirit. The history of Wassailing will be followed by tasting and various "toasts".

Carolyn Peterson, who is always looking for an opportunity to drink and party, and her Merry Band of Revelers will take us through the history of Wassailing.


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Veterans: Why, Which One, Then What?

Veterans: Why, Which One, Then What?

November 19, Sunday, 4:30 p.m. (doors open 4:15), Harrison Center, 311 Middle Street, New Bern

The Colonial NC Branch will have their yearly November program featuring veterans by welcoming Major General USMC (ret) Thomas Braaten who will discuss choices. For most of us, there is no template to follow in life.  Perhaps a family member or friend, a life experience, a lust for adventure, or even a movie gives us an initial nudge in one direction or another.  Some will stick with their initial field for a lengthy career while others will change frequently because they want stability or change, enjoy or dislike the people they work with, family issues, want to increase their earnings, or just want to try something different.  When they reach that age which seems appropriate for retirement, some will instead start a new career, travel, volunteer, spend a lot of time with grandchildren, or just lean back and enjoy a well-earned retirement.  Understanding that there is no template, our guest will share his opinion, based on his experience, on the "Why, Which One, and Then What" for veterans.

Major General USMC (ret) Tom Braaten who was raised in Phoenix, Arizona enlisted in the US Marine Corps in February 1965 as a ground radar repairman. He earned a commission in December 1966 and his wings as a helicopter pilot in 1968. After completing his command tour of MCAS Cherry Point, he retired in New Bern in 2001 General Braaten served as the president/CEO of the Twin Rivers YMCA for five years. He assumed the position as the Airport Director for the Carolina Regional Airport in the summer of 2006, and he retired in 2016.


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