English in Action

Helping newcomers to the U.S. learn English and build confidence.

English in Action helps newcomers to the U.S. improve their English language skills and build confidence. Students and volunteers meet weekly for one-to-one conversation practice. At the heart of the program is a commitment to cross-cultural exchange. Students gain insight into life in the U.S. Volunteers learn about different cultures and support immigrants, refugees and other newcomers building new lives in this country.

Not being able to communicate in English is a major barrier for immigrants and other newcomers. For more than 60 years, our program has helped students build fluency in English and lead confident, successful lives. The program offers a safe and inclusive space to acquire the language skills to navigate everyday life, access basic services and communicate effectively in a professional setting.

Become a Volunteer

Help a newcomer practice English. Be a window into U.S. life. Build long-lasting relationships with students from around the world. All volunteers receive ongoing training and support. No prior teaching experience required. Join our community!

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Become a Student

Become a confident English speaker. Work one-to-one with a native speaker. Gain skills to be successful in everyday and professional life. Learn about life in the U.S. Join our supportive community!

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My tutor has been more than a conversation partner, she is a mentor, an inspiration and a friend.
– Student of English in Action

Our impact


After one year in our program 

100% are more fluent in English
95% are more confident using English in daily life
92% have a greater understanding of U.S. culture and civic life


Being a volunteer

94% allows me to learn more about other cultures
94% makes me feel helpful and engaged
83% deepens my understanding of the challenges immigrants face