Evelyn Wrench Speaker Program

The ESU Evelyn Wrench Speaker Program works to connect renowned experts in their field with our ESU Branches across the country, during which they are invited to give lectures regarding their research, work, or authored books. Past Wrench Speakers have been acclaimed historians, politicians, and authors of varied topics. 

ESU National works with featured Speakers to create their speaker tour, typically comprising visits to at least 3 ESU Branches over a period of 1-2 weeks. Transportation costs to and from Branches are covered while the ESU Branches cover the cost of any accommodation, local travel, meals, and additional hospitality. 

Wrench Lectures are coordinated by the ESU and open to the public.


Previous Wrench Speakers have included:

Annamaria Dall’Anese

Annamaria Dall’Anese, historical speaker and London Tour Guide

Flora Fraser

Flora Fraser, biographer specializing in women of the eighteenth century

Headshot by Nicholas Latimer

Jane Gabin

Jane Gabin, educational consultant and expert on women’s history

Jane Gabin with ESU Lexington Members, image courtesy of Jane Gabin

Andrew Halls OBE

Andrew Halls OBE, acclaimed scholar on Charles Dickens

Sir Christopher Hum

Sir Christopher Hum, former UK Ambassador to China

Will China Rule the World? presented to ESU Savannah Branch and the Savannah Council on World Affairs (SCWA), images courtesy of Randy Brannen

Ed Larson

Ed Larson, American historian and Pulitzer Prize winner

Andrew Lownie

Andrew Lownie, former ESU Exchange Scholar and respected English historian

James Raven

James Raven, accomplished historian of the book and the study of literature

Elizabeth St. John

Elizabeth St. John, author of the popular historical fiction novel series, The Lydiard Chronicles

James Stebbings

James Stebbings, prolific lecturer of theatre and songwriting history

The Topsy-Turvy World of Gilbert and Sullivan: Their World, Their Lives and Their Music presented to ESU Boston Branch, images courtesy of the ESU Boston Branch