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ESU TLab Teachers in the UK!

Check out the testimonials and videos from some of the many teachers whose lives and teaching has been transformed participating in ESU TLab summer programs in Oxford, Edinburgh & Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

Testimonials and Videos

Educators and Lifelong Learners: Study in the United Kingdom for an unforgettable immersive experience! Live and learn on the famed campuses of Oxford and Edinburgh or discover Shakespeare in the context that brought his works to life — exploring his hometown in Stratford or performing on the stage of the Globe Theatre in London.


Study Abroad.  Return Inspired!

The ESU’s partnerships give you access to renowned scholars and behind-the-scenes experiences designed for classroom teachers and lifelong learners. ESU TLab programs provide you the opportunity to study with top professors at the UK’s most prestigious universities.

Teachers, return to your classroom refreshed and reinvigorated with new insights to share with your students. Professional development credit, scholarships, and fundraising assistance are all available. 

Program Contact

Alice Uhl, Education Programs Director – International Scholarship, Shakespeare & Debate

(212) 818-1200, ext. 212




“The most wonderful thing about SUISS was the ability to learn from students, lecturers and tutors from all over the world in Edinburgh. This school reinforces the idea, in a time when discourse is in peril, that our ability to talk and learn from people all over the world is a privilege, and that our humanity unites, not separates us.”         

Monica Kays, ESU Princeton Branch

I gained a more nuanced understanding of History that I look forward to sharing with my colleagues and students. Though our days were busy with academic endeavors one should not forget the lovely city of Oxford. After a day of studying my colleagues and I would explore the many colleges that comprise the University of Oxford.  I am extremely grateful to the ESU for providing teachers like myself with an unforgettable Oxford experience. This rich and rewarding intellectual program will be remembered for many years to come.

— Valentin Dumitrascu, ESU Greenwich Branch

Thanks very much to the ESU for this extraordinary opportunity. Collaborating with people of all ages from all over the world, listening to lectures on literature given by some of the most intelligent scholars in Scottish universities, and being in this city with its rich culture and history has been an invaluable experience

— Michael Mezzo, Edinburgh

I feel like I’m back to my undergrad days: wide-eyed, sometimes overwhelmed, but always in awe of the abilities of the people around me. I’m remembering my passion for literature.

— TLab Scholar, Oxford