Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center

Empowering new immigrants through education and career development

The Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center (ARNIC) is a free program that facilitates the integration of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees into U.S. life. We seek to provide immigrants with the tools and resources to overcome barriers and build successful lives in the U.S. Our center offers English classes, conversation practice and career services. The program is grounded in a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Each year we serve 250+ new immigrants. More than 2,000 immigrants from 60+ countries have benefited from our services since the center opened its doors.

English language classes

We offer formal classes at the high-intermediate and advanced levels. All classes are taught by certified instructors with extensive experience working with English language learners from diverse backgrounds. Classes help students improve the four core skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Students develop the English language proficiency needed to successfully live and work in the U.S. We offer courses on various topics including grammar, pronunciation, writing and communication in the workplace.

Conversation practice: English in Action

Each student at our center is matched with a volunteer native speaker for weekly conversation practice. Working one-on-one with a conversation partner helps students build confidence and achieve fluency in English. Conversation sessions provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where students and volunteers can share different perspectives. The program promotes the integration of immigrants through social connections and cross-cultural exchange.

Career services

Our career services support new immigrants in developing the skills, professional networks and knowledge to find economic success in the U.S. Immigrants develop strategies to become competitive candidates in the U.S. job market. They develop the tools and core competencies to navigate professional life such as networking, interviewing and establishing an online presence. Career services include: Professional mentoring One-to-one career advising Job-readiness English classes Special events such as mock interview day, networking events and industry-specific career coaching. These services aim to promote a more equitable and inclusive workforce by advancing the full integration of immigrants into U.S. economic life.

Civic and cultural learning

Throughout the year, we organize educational workshops on topics such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship and accessing healthcare. Workshops on immigrants’ rights and naturalization & citizenship help newcomers become advocates for themselves and their communities. Field trips to cultural and historic institutions help our students to learn more about U.S. culture, history and politics. These services help new immigrants become confident and engaged members of their communities.

Apply to our program
We are not currently accepting new students. We will accept new students again in May 2024. Click on the button below to sign up for our waitlist, so you can be informed when it is time to apply!
To be accepted into our program you must:
  • Be 18+

  • Be an immigrant with documented status (Green Card holders and applicants, asylum seekers, refugees, humanitarian parole, TPS, etc.) 

  • Be living in the U.S. for five years or less

  • Have a financial need 

  • Have an intermediate level of English 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes and other activities take place?

We offer classes and other activities place Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Where do classes and other activities take place?

We are a hybrid program. We offer activities in person and online. Students can choose to learn in the way that best suits their needs and preferences. In-person activities take place at our center located in Midtown Manhattan, close to Grand Central Station. Our center is accessible by public transportation. Transportation assistance is available for students attending in-person activities.

Am I at the right level for your English classes?

Our English classes are offered at the high-intermediate and low-advanced level. We will check your English level when you apply to our program. If we think that your level is too low, we will refer you to other high-quality, free programs where you can improve your English.

Do I need materials to participate in your program?

You do not need to have or buy any materials in order to join our program. Our teachers create their own materials so that you do not need to buy any textbooks. Our center is equipped with computers and printers.