English in Action

Help a newcomer speak English with Confidence!

Not being able to communicate in English is a major barrier for immigrants and other newcomers starting life here in the U.S. Volunteer tutors help students improve their English language skills through weekly one-to-one conversations.

How do I become a volunteer Tutor?

The first step is to attend an online information session. There you will learn more about the program. An interview after the session is also required for acceptance into the program. All volunteers receive ongoing training and support. No prior teaching experience required. Join our community!

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English in Action may be the beginning of a lifelong interest in a particular area of the world, or even a deeper understanding of your own culture.

Tutor Benefits:

  • Support a newcomer to the U.S.

  • Meet new people and learn about other cultures

  • Share your culture and experiences

  • Gain leadership skills


Your Questions Answered

Are there any requirements to become a volunteer?

Volunteers need to be 18 years or older. We look for volunteers who are friendly, patient and empathetic. No previous teaching certification or experience is required.

Will I be able to practice my foreign language skills?

Your role is to support your student in learning English. This is not an opportunity for volunteers to practice their foreign language skills.

When do sessions take place?

Volunteers and students meet once a week for two hours. Conversation sessions take place Monday through Saturday. There are morning, afternoon and evening sessions available.

Where do the conversation sessions take place?

We offer conversation sessions online and in person. In-person sessions take place at various locations across New York City. Online sessions can take place anywhere, as long as you have stable internet access. Volunteers can choose to have conversations online or in person when they join the program.