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English Speaking Union announces it’s 2018 – 2019 Program

Come fly with us!!  Yesterday, today and tomorrow – this should be the theme of the English Speaking Union's 2018-2019 Season.   The E-SU is an organization dedicated to education, scholarship, and understanding.   This season reaches back into the early 1800's with James and Dolly Madison, the we move forward with renown writers who will cover national as well as the local literature of today.  We'll move to the arts with music, then finish looking into the future with a presentation about NASA and the Hubble replacement.   Learning from the past will create a better tomorrow.  The programs this year will educate and challenge the thinking of everyone.

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President's Message

Our new season is just a few months away and I hope that as a current member you will renew your membership or if not a current member that you will join the Sandhills Branch of The English-Speaking Union. I believe this season will be one of the most interesting and exciting we have offered, with several nationally known presenters.  Our program booklet contains a complete listing of the topics, speakers, and dates for next season. Click here to view a copy. Please share this information with others who may be interested.

While our regularly scheduled programs will be both entertaining and informative, we continue to seek other means to bring our members together. Our special interest groups, focusing on Winston Churchill, the Roosevelts, and International Affairs, have been very successful. Please contact me with any suggestions you may have for additional groups.


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Garden Party – a real success

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth I.    Still going after all these years? Decades?    The Garden Party was a big success.   The weather cooperated and the outside Terrace at CCNC helped set the right tone for this seasons English Speaking Union Program kick-off.    We were pleased to see the large turn-out of both members and guests alike.   This event has provided a wonderful springboard as we continue to grow our membership.    


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Get a preview of the exciting season ahead. 

Tuesday September 25
CCNC - Country Club of North Carolina
5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

$20 Per Person
Cash or Check (no credit cards) paid at the door
Checks to be made out to The English-Speaking Union
Cash bar
Guests are encouraged
Sally Conlon - 910 315 4742 or
Carol Conover - 610 337 2726,

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