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English in Action helps newcomers to the U.S. improve their English language skills and build confidence. Students and volunteers meet weekly for one-to-one conversation practice.

The program is grounded in the communicative approach, an evidence-based method of language learning. The communicative approach emphasizes authentic interaction as the cornerstone of effective language learning. Students in our program develop English fluency naturally through real-life conversations.


Increase fluency in English
Build confidence
Overcome the fear of making mistakes
Increase vocabulary
Improve pronunciation
Learn American idioms and slang
Gain insight into in United States culture and life
Be part of a supportive and inclusive community

Our impact

Our program is effective. The numbers speak for themselves. After one year in the program:

100% of students report increased fluency in English
95% are more confident using English in daily life
92% have a greater understanding of U.S. culture and civic life

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Become a student
Our program can help you become a confident, fluent speaker of English. The first step in joining is to attend an online registration session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

To join our program, you must be 18+ years old and speak and understand English at an intermediate level.

Is there a cost to participate? 

Yes. Students must pay a registration fee.

12 months of sessions: $400

6 months of sessions: $225

Where do sessions take place?

We offer conversation sessions online and in person. In-person sessions take place at various locations across New York City. Online sessions can take place anywhere, as long as you have stable internet access. Students can choose to have conversations online or in person when they join the program. 

When do sessions take place?

Students and volunteers meet once a week for two hours. Conversation sessions take place Monday through Saturday. There are morning, afternoon and evening sessions available.

Do I need to buy books?

No. Our program helps students build fuency in English through natural conversation. For this reason, books (and other materials) are not required.