What We Do
English in Action Across America

English in Action Across America is an opportunity where ESU branch members can volunteer to help new immigrants improve their English language proficiency. Through weekly online group discussions and one-to-one conversations, volunteers work with their students to give them the tools needed to build their new lives here in the United States.

Branches and National work together to create groups. Branches provide the volunteers and National provides students from ARNIC. Together they meet weekly on Zoom. Branch volunteers also gain access to the wider offerings of the English in Action community. That includes training, workshops, resources, and extra conversation opportunities.

Our Students are recent immigrants to the U.S. coming from 60+ countries around the world. As a volunteer, you stand as a window into U.S. life with perspectives from across the nation. Many pairs build lasting friendships that keep them coming back for more. For more information, email kansascity@esuus.org.