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Be the Next Lucky Winner!

I was the lucky recipient of the 2015 ESU raffle ticket prize for Jay and Suzy Wakefield's Westport Condo, which I used over Labor Day Weekend. My first and only previous trip to Westport has been 40+ years ago, so I was interested in a return visit.

The Wakefield's condo is in a building which is part of a complex a short distance out of town, just a short walk over the dunes to the water-and close to a land based lighthouse! Perfect for a couple, it contains one bedroom, a bathroom off the hall and one off the bedroom, and living/dining kitchen area. There is a small
patio, all very nice! An outdoor swimming pool is also part of the complex open during the summer months. A marvelous bicycle trail, or a drive, leads one to town, where the beach faces Gray's Harbor, rather than the ocean, a different experience. I also loved looking at the many, many boats at the marina. Fishing is a big deal at Westport.


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The Last Word...

Another year has passed and we're celebrating 2016. Not a bad time to make some New Year resolutions. Why not start off by thinking of ways to become more active in our ESU Seattle branch? The ladies that pull together our reception food would simply love to hear from you. We meet monthly-why not take a look at the locations for future receptions. We need roughly six volunteers each month. Bring your favorite dish and help with monthly clean-up. Our receptions are fun and hold our membership together.


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Scholarship Fund Donations


The Lavender Hill Mob was very generous to our branch Scholarship Fund. And who, you might ask, is the Lavender Hill Mob? Well, this year Sarah and Ed Atwood, Jim and Donna Smith, Bob and Ingeborg Dunlap, Ingrid Philbrick, Marlene Holbrook, Patricia Haggerty and Bill Maschmeier, Don and Elizabeth McKenzie, Sandra Boyd, James and Ethel Kemp-Slaughter, Clint and Elizabeth Miller, and ChristinaHarrington were part of the "mob." Together, the LHM donated $511.80 for our Scholarship Fund. Many thanks!


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Passing of Bea Manley

Bea Manley, former resident of Magnolia, has passed away at the nursing facility where she was living in Pennsylvania. She and her husband Ross, who predeceased her, were active in several local British organizations and the Church of the Ascension as well as the ESU. She will be fondly remembered by those who knew her.


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ESU Christmas Dinner Dance Update

Please note checks must be received by December 1. Tables are filling fast and there is a limit to the number of available tables. You don't want to miss our very special party that kicks off the holiday season!
We have the festive site, the great band, and we have ordered super good food-all we need is YOU. Don't be left out of this fun event-and, by the way, unfortunately DECEMBER 1 IS A FIRM CUTOFF! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you. Indeed, we have much to be thankful for, including all our good friends in ESU, Seattle Branch.


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The English-Speaking Union

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Welcome to the ESU

The ESU celebrates English as a shared language to foster global understanding and good will by providing educational and cultural opportunities for students, educators, and members.

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