News And Events

News And Events

The Annual General Meeting

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Junius Rochester

May 15, 2015

"THE BIG THREE" of the English-Speaking Union social calendar are the Christmas Ball,- Annual General Meeting and Summer Garden Party. You won't want to miss this year's Annual General Meeting dinner in the lovely Fireside Room of the historic Seattle Yacht Club on Friday,- May 15, 2015. No-host cocktails will be at 6 pm, dinner at 7:30 pm followed by a lecture by local historian and author, Junius Rochester. His subject, "The Plants and Animals of Lewis and Clark," is based on the 1804 - 1806 journals of Meriwether Lewis. Mr. Rochester has written nine books and is currently President of thePioneer Association of Seattle.

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Region VIII Conference in Portland

Portland has generously offered to host the Region VIII Conference for 2015, on the first weekend in May. Our host hotel will be the Benson, arguably the grand dame of Portland's hotels. In spite of poor attendance last year in Tucson, the delegation present at the regional meeting at the National Conference in Newport enthusiastically accepted Portland's offer for this year's gathering.

Regional meetings are an extremely important venue to share ideas, successes, and challenges with other geographically aligned branches, and I hope that many of you will be able to come. We would ideally like to see at least one member from each branch in Region VIII in Portland.

Details for the meeting are still in the planning stage, and will be published as soon as they are available. In the meantime, please mark your calender to view Portland's wonderful rose gardens just as they are coming into bloom.

Best regards,

William B. Maschmeier
Chair, Region VIII, ESU-US

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ESU National Meeting, Newport Rhode Island, 17-19 October, 2014

The 2014 ESU National Meeting was held at the elegant Hotel Viking in Newport, Rhode Island. The Seattle branch was ably represented by eleven members: Sarah and Ed Atwood, Loveday Conquest, Fred Kleinschmidt, Bill Maschmeier, Patricia Haggerty, Clinton and Elizabeth Miller, Sandra Boyd, Susan Thurston-Grathwohl, and Clarke O'Reilly Jr. As for Region VIII, Laura Phelps (San Francisco) was recently elected Vice Chairman of ESU, and Donald Best (S. Francisco and Los Angeles) is a newly elected member to the National Board. Other Region VIII people on the National Board are Polly Cox (Denver), Bill Maschmeier, and Loveday Conquest.

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Call for Board Nominations

The Nominating Committee is meeting to fill several branch officer and board positions. The new terms begin just after the Annual General Meeting in May. If you or someone else you know would like to be considered for a board position, now is the time to let our committee know of your interest. We would appreciate it if you would jot down your special interests and background and send it to me. I will distribute all queries to our committee members.
For your information, Nominating Committee Members include the following: Bill Maschmeier, Larry Woodin, Jim Smith, Jerry Rockhold, Alan Waggoner, Eli Kirkpatrick and Pat Wilson.

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December's Passings

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Mollie Ward & Eleanor Monroe

December brought the loss of three members. Mollie Ward died just past her 98th birthday, a toast to her life will be held at the January E-SU Social. Jane Hallett Award winner Eleanor Monroe died unexpectedly just before Christmas. Dick Engstrom died in early December.

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Sixty-five ESU members and guests mingled, ate and drank happily at the Sahalee Country Club last month. The day was a warm one, just right for a summer get-together. Many thanks to co-chairs Ingeborg Dunlap and Pat Wilson as well as Eli Kirkpatrick and Susan Wilson. Special thanks to Larry Woodin who stepped in at the last moment help judge the Annual Hat Contest along with Bob Dunlap and Pat Wilson.

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"Oh, We Must All Go to Brighton!"

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Brighton Royal Pavilion

Jane Austen's Lydia Bennet was right. For a young person today, Brighton is the perfect place to pick up (that is to say, "meet") other young people. For more mature persons, Brighton still offers many pleasures. Fred and I stayed there in April to experience a "last evening of fun" before traveling on to Hailsham to attend a rather intense conference on Statistics, Science and Public Policy. The Granville Hotel along the waterfront features rooms that are named rather than numbered (with themed decor), including the Noel Coward Room, the Japanese Room, Mr. Kemp's [!] Room, and the Pavilion Room.

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Passages - Rudy Friedland

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Rudolph "Rudy" passed away in his home at the age of 91. He was born in Seattle to Erich and Johanna Friedland and is survived by Eli "Ellie" Kirkpatrick and son Carl. Rudy graduated from Garfield High School and from the University of Washington with degrees in Electrical and Industrial Engineering and worked for Boeing until his retirement. He was in the Army during World War II and was stationed in Okinawa. There will be an Open House at the home of Rudy and Eli to celebrate Rudy's life Saturday, July 26th from 2-5pm

Receptions Past and Present

We enjoyed quite a special monthly reception at the home of Dr. Martin Greene in Madison Park in June. Dr. Greene's library was the highlight of the evening. It houses a fine collection of travel and exploration titles related to Polar Exploration (Arctic and Antarctic), Russian-American and selected titles on exploration of the Pacific Northwest, Northwest Passage and Northeast Passages. It is

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The Seattle Branch's Annual General Meeting this May at the lovely Seattle Yacht Club included officially recognizing our three 2013—14 scholarship winners. Ramon Henderson, Alexander McCauley and Zachary Torp are nearly finished with their first year of graduate studies in the University of -Washington's Department of English, and they expressed their thanks and how they felt honored by being scholarship recipients. One scholar is looking into literature that explains how coffee has been "flavored" (as in, adulterated!) through the ages and how that has led to changes in food laws. "We also welcomed back Professor Juan Guerra, who has one more

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