What We Do
Evelyn Wrench Lecture Series

The ESU Denver Branch hosts many prominent authors and scholars including ESU’s own Evelyn Wrench Lecture Series named after our founder. These renowned British and American speakers present programs on a wide range of  topics, including but not limited to, current events, history, language, literature, art, architecture, and travel.

In September 2023, the Denver Branch partnered with the Denver Woman’s Press Club to welcome Dr. Andrew Lownie, who presented a program on his book, “The Edinburgh Literary Companion.” Many significant writers who lived in or visited Edinburgh were inspired by the city in their classic novels and poems. Lownie is a best-selling author, journalist, and one of Britain’s most acclaimed biographers.

In March 2022, the Denver Branch partnered with the Denver Council on Foreign Relations to host former British Ambassador to China, Sir Christopher Hum. Ambassador Hum has been observing developments in China for over forty years: he lived there for ten years as a diplomat and was British Ambassador to China between 2002-2005. He regaled audiences with his insight into US-China diplomatic relations.

In March 2020, the Denver Branch partnered with Walker Fine Art to sponsor Elizabeth St. John, author of a series of books about ancestors who lived in the early 1600s, when England’s government went through upheaval and civil war under the Stuart kings and the Puritans. Her talk was rich in language, not only on her own genealogy, but also on the spying conducted by ranking members of state during the civil conflict.