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Books, Authors, and You!

Books, Authors, and You!
            A literary series for the discriminating reader

Sunday, February 12
The Hermit Club (at Playhouse Square)1629 Dodge Court, Cleveland 
2:00 p.m.  Cash bar 
2:30 p.m.  Presentation by Brad Ricca, followed by conversation and hors d'oeuvres 

Brad Ricca PhD of Superman fame writes about a real super woman, Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.

The true story of the first female U.S. district attorney and the highest profile cases she tackled in New York City.  Many involved the disappearance and/or abuse of women. Author Brad Ricca takes you on a rapid, suspenseful, compelling journey.  You'll know why she was called "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes!"  Brad's a sleuth too with 45 pages of endnotes! 

By native ClevelanderBrad Ricca, Ph.D.
SAGES fellow at Case Western Reserve University 

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Please participate. Help top students achieve their dream of getting to know a genius, Shakespeare. It's like meeting other geniuses - Michelangelo, Andrew Lloyd Webber or Steve Jobs. Life changing!   

Right now, top students are competing in their schools to qualify for the Regional Shakespeare Competition. Across the country, over 300,000 students have participated since the program began in 1983. 


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Reported by Julie Ketterer and Paul Rampe 

Shakespeare's first book was here! In the 1600s, Ben Johnson published his own greatest writings in a Folio. So Shakespeare's friends took up the challenge and published eighteen of Shakespeare's plays in the first of four Folios! The actual First Folio was on display during July in the Treasure Room of the Cleveland Public Library. 

The Great Lakes Theater's gallery at the library included Shakespearean costumes (wonderful!), larger-than-life photos from professional stage productions, art depicting some plays, and a collection of books available from the library. 


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What a teacher learns at the Globe theater will surprise you

Cleveland's BUSS Scholar 2015 is Ms. Teresa Lee Jenkins (Fowler), Lake Ridge Academy, North Ridgeville. She has been a teacher for four decades. She shares her London adventure in this report.

"Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance" at Shakespeare's Globe theater in London provided many lessons. I learned by seeing plays as a groundling, studying with outstanding performers, and acting on the Globe stage!

But the most surprising lesson was to experience the overwhelming process through the eyes of a student.


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Upcoming Events


(Announcements to each event will be emailed or mailed.)

DECEMBER 2, 2016 
BEEFEATERS BALL, Shaker Country Club. This gala fundraiser will provide vital resources to include hundreds of Northeast Ohio students in the regional Shakespeare Competition, February 25.  The regional event is part of the national Shakespeare Competition. 

FEBRUARY 25, 2017
at Westlake High School.

February 25, 2017
The Teachers Learning Abroad grant recipient will be announced. The teacher will attend the British University Summer School at the Globe Theater in London. 

APRIL 1, 2017 
All City Shakespeare Festival
at Westlake High School.  

The Teachers Learning Abroad recipient will present highlights to ESU members.

May 2017
The National Shakespeare Competition in New York City. 

Annual Meeting of the Cleveland Branch.

JULY 21, 2017   
Midsummer Night's Dream party at the Botanical Gardens. 


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