The English-Speaking Union of the United States: Education. Scholarship. Understanding.

About Us

The English-Speaking Union of the United States

Officers and Board of Directors

honorary patron

Sir Kim Darroch, KCMG, Washington D.C.


Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill CBE KSt.J, New York, NY Chairman *

Laura J. Phelps, San Francisco, CA, Vice Chair *

Dr. E. Quinn Peeper, New Orleans, LA, President *

Hollister Sturges, Greenwich, CT, Treasurer *

Christopher Broadwell, New York, NY, Secretary of the Corporation *

William R. Miller CBE, New York, NY, Chairman Emeritus *

Marie Dora Thornburg OBE, Chicago, IL, President Emerita *

Members of the Board of directors

Dr. Cheryl A. Albuquerque, San Francisco, CA

Donald Best, San Francisco / Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Karen Blair-Brand, State College, PA

Jacques Brunswick, New York, NY

M. Christine Carty, New York, NY*

Dr. Loveday L. Conquest, Seattle, WA

Polly W. Cox, Denver, CO *

Peter Frey, New York, NY

Julia Hansen, Palm Beach, FL

Darrell W. Hill, Chicago, IL

Dr. Christopher Hodgkins, Greensboro, NC

Duncan Karcher, New York, NY

James W. Kerr, Jr., Dallas, TX

William B. Maschmeier, Seattle, WA

Dr. Christopher Medalis, New York, NY

Bettie McGowin Miller, Chapman, AL

Donna Miller, Winter Park, FL

Mary Alice Phelan, Jacksonville, FL

Charles D. Reaves, Memphis, TN *

Jeffrey L. Schnabel, Kansas City, MO

Dr. Susan (Robin) Sinclair, Nashville, TN

Roger Stacey, Boston, MA

Dr. Julia C. Van de Water, Lexington, VA


* Members of the Executive Committee